Tuesday, January 01, 2013

2013: Believe!

So it's officially 2013 now!  Hope you all have had a wonderful new year so far.  We've had a pretty relaxed  day, but tomorrow it's back to the flow.  Guido heads back to work at his brand new job (yay!), and I am home with the kiddos trying to pick up the pieces of what's known as my house after the holiday rush.  The amount of laundry and housework I have to do is ridiculous, and it's overwhelming at times since I am limited with what and how much I can accomplish due to the problems with my hands, back, neck, etc.  It'll get done.  I have a great husband who is willing to help out wherever he can, and his new work hours will only bring more balance to our family that is ever so needed right now.

I have been busy working on this blog, and I am pretty excited about it.  I should have pursued this more actively a long time ago because I always have enough to say so why not write it down...or in this case...type it out?  My hope and prayer is that I can be consistent and also allow myself to become more vulnerable and transparent in a healthy way through this blog.  I admit to be a self-professed slacker, and the fact that I will soon be without a laptop to blog for a couple of weeks won't help matters any.  Ah well.  I have all of you wonderful people to get on my case now and hold me accountable to keep following my dreams.  But ya know, that's not necessarily what this post is about.  It's about me encouraging you (and myself, of course) to BELIEVE!  It's time to really look at our dreams, goals and aspirations and BELIEVE we can and will achieve them!  God is good, and He promises us that He is always with us, always works things out for our good, and gives us the strength to accomplish the things we set our hearts and minds to.

I was in the shower today, and I felt almost bombarded or something with all of these thoughts and ideas for this blog, for this year, and just for my life and family in general.  It's really exciting how God blesses us with such creativity if we will only take the tools that He equips us with and run the race towards the goal, ya know?  Anyway, it hit me.  BELIEVE!  God has given us dreams and aspirations in life.  He has placed us each on a unique journey and holds our destiny in His hands as a great treasure.  That's just how much He loves us.  Okay, so I can write all of this, but the point I am trying to make is that I have to believe it.  You have to believe it.  God believes in us so why do we find it so difficult, if not almost impossible, to believe in ourselves?  Why have we given up on our dreams?  Where is our child-like faith?  God is in a good mood!  He loves to lavish us in His love, blessings, and favor.  As important as our dreams are to us, our dreams are so much MORE important to God!  He created us, and He planted those amazing dreams inside of our hearts.  We now have to question ourselves if we will do our part...co-labor with Him to see to it that these dreams come true!  Sure, God's way, God's timing...listening to the Holy Spirit leading us and guiding us every step of the way.  Absolutely relevant and so important in the process.  Just don't give up, okay?  BELIEVE!  Start journaling again!  Write every single one of those dreams down, big or small, and believe God today to lead and guide you to accomplish each and every one in His way and His timing.

Guido and I wrote dreams down the other day and prayed over them.  We're excited about all that God has in store for us regarding our dreams.  We're also excited that He is equipping us with the skills, faith, confidence, and JOY to see to it that these dreams come true.  God is so good and so faithful.  I love how He loves me more than enough to care just as much as I do, if not more, about even the tiniest dreams, hope, and aspirations that lie down deep in my heart.  How cool is that!?

So...cheers to 2013!  Cheers to a new year filled with love, hope, joy, and dreams coming true!  Stand up, and BELIEVE cuz this is your BEST YEAR YET!

The Script - Hall of Fame ft. will.i.am

The link I posted above is a pretty well-known song these days.  I just love the message of it.  It gets me pumped.  I can do anything!  I can do ALL THINGS through Christ Who strengthens me...and YOU!  So never forget that.  He's got amazing plans for you!  Chase after them, and watch God meet you every step of the way.

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