Thursday, June 12, 2008

I'm Lost...

Yes, it's another amazing song. Listen to "Your Love Is Like" by Rick Pino.

Here are the lyrics:

Your love is like the rain falling on my soul
Covering every place, making gardens grow
Sweetness overflows pouring from Your lips
Kisses from above, let the heavens drip

Your love is like the ocean
I'm drowning in Your presence

I'm getting lost in the gaze of Your eyes
I'm getting lost in the warmth of Your smile

Your love is like a room full of precious jewels
It takes my breath away, there's riches beyond words
When it's just me and You I can't remember storms
All I can do is melt into Your arms

I have been listening to this song repeatedly and just worshipping God. Man, it is SO good to be in His presence. It is my heart's desire to get lost in the presence of the Lord Almighty. Why? Because there is no place I would rather be. When we enter into His presence, something in the atmosphere changes. All of the heaviness, the problems, the bad circumstances, the junk from everyday life just....fades away. HE is all that matters in those moments. Why is it, then, that this stops? Can you imagine if we truly lived a lifestyle of never-ending worship of the living God, how amazing it would be? I think we make our lives more complicated than they need to be. Wow! I just admitted that! You could make money on that statement. Yes, I should receive the Emmy or Oscar for "Miss Drama Queen." I know...I know.

Seriously, though. We complicated our lives. Better yet...we give the devil permission to do so. Why? Maybe it seems like the easier way out, and maybe even most times, we don't even realize we're doing. We cannot fathom just how much power and authority we give the enemy everyday. If we only would give all of that same power and authority over to the Lord Jesus over our lives, I truly believe we would be a change people.

I just want to get lost in God. When I am lost in Him, everything, even myself, fades away. But see, that's the beauty of true worship. The mean of worship is that there is less of me and more of Him. It is where I decrease, and He increases. Getting lost in His presence is such a powerful weapon of warfare. It truly is. The more intimate you become with God, the more of a stranger you become to the enemy. How? Why? Because when you draw closer to the Lord, He draws closer to you. Then, you become HIDDEN in Him, and so the devil cannot spot you anymore. When the enemy tries to seek you to steal from you, kill you, and destroy you, he simply cannot find you because he is actually blinded by the glory of God all around you because you are that close to your Heavenly Father. Isn't that rad? I think so. Better yet, I know so.

God is so much to us. He is so much more than we give Him credit for in our lives. He is our Healer, our Best Friend, our Deliverer, our Lover, our Protector, Our Father, and so, so much more! I wish we would just open our eyes more, our spiritual eyes, our eyes in into the unseen, we can truly embrace all God has for us. We can truly embrace HIM. There is nothing greater....nothing worth more than a glimpse of Him. A touch from on High. There's just nothing like getting lost in His presence.

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